Links: Organizations & Initiatives for Change

resistancerenewalAddressing today’s most pressing problems necessitates acts of both resistance and renewal, that is: those that resist the process of globalization, as well as those that help renew local economies and communities. Effective (and enjoyable!) change, in both cases, requires collective action – linking hands with like-minded people. There is a flourishing of organizations everywhere working to create a better world. Use the following list to discover, support, and join some of them!*


Agricultural Trade Liberalization
Food Safety
Corporate Globalization / 'Free' Trade
Consumer Culture / Advertising
Greenwashing and Corporate PR
Big-Box ‘Supercenters’


Environmental Justice / Toxics / Waste


Local, Sustainable, Traditional Food
Ecovillages / Permaculture / Sustainability Education


Cultural Affirmation / Rethinking Development


Urban Foraging in the US

* We do not claim this list to be comprehensive, but rather, an entry point to action. If you know of organizations/initiatives that you feel should be included, please let us know about them – especially in countries/regions of the world that are, regrettably, under-represented above.